Throwback Thursday: 7 News

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: 7 News

We noted with interest, in Doug Fisher’s Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review of March 30 that there used to be a community newspaper called 7 News which covered what was then Ward 7 in the city: Cabbagetown (both what was then called Don Vale and what is now called Cabbagetown South) as well as other downtown neighbourhoods including Riverdale, parts of The Danforth, Broadview and Gerrard; Regent Park, Trefann Court, Moss Park and St. Jamestown.

The newspaper was a non-profit, community-owned newspaper and was produced from 1970 – 1985. It eventually morphed into the Cabbagetown-Riverdale News which ceased operations in 1994. Doug reported that David Reed found that online versions of 7 News papers exist online.

As you can see, the headlines haven’t changed too much (image links to a PDF at
Image of cover of newspaper with headline - Council's big plans are being thwarted by the Province.

History of 7 News
7 News – The Life and Times of a Community Newspaper

Look forward to future Throwback Thursdays courtesy of Seven News.

Thanks David for finding these and Doug for letting us know!

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