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The Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) is a volunteer organization, originally established in 1967, representing residents living in Toronto’s Cabbagetown community.

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Andrew Adams - Treasurer

Andrew and his wife Alexandra moved to Cabbagetown in the summer of 2018 after a long search for the perfect home. They came to Toronto from Nova Scotia in 2005 so that Alexandra could study at UofT, and spent many years living in a downtown condo. When good friends – and future Bowman Street neighbours – settled in Cabbagetown, Andrew and Alexandra quickly fell in love with the neighbourhood. The district’s long history, strong community, leafy streets and friendly residents made the decision to move here very easy.
Andrew has a background in Physics and an MBA, and has spent most of his career in the telecommunications industry. In his role as President of the condominium where he and Alexandra used to live, Andrew participated in building and supporting a strong community and enjoys working with residents, board members and the community at large.

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Sara Josselyn

Sara and her husband moved to Cabbagetown in 2013, and have since welcomed their two kids, Charlie and Margot.

Originally from Rothesay, New Brunswick, Sara completed her BA (Hons) at the University of Toronto's Trinity College before returning to the East Coast to complete her LLB and LLM at Schulich Law School (Dalhousie University). Sara currently practices corporate law on Bay Street.

Although she still identifies as an East Coaster, Sara is proud to live in Cabbagetown and is delighted to have found a neighbourhood in Toronto whose charm, canopied streets, abundant parks and small town vibe remind her of the East Coast community she previously called home.

Katie Tozer

Katie and her husband Mark moved to Cabbagetown in 2009 and have since welcomed their 4 children, Finn, Maeve, Harrison and Avery and dog, Sadie.

A Toronto native, Katie attended Queen’s University for an BA(Hons) in history, followed by the University of Windsor for her LLB. After practicing litigation law she eventually left the legal world to care for her 4 children.

Katie loves the strong community and small-town vibe that Cabbagetown offers. Continuing to bring the community together to celebrate spring through the Forsythia Festival is something Katie feels passionately about, and she looks forward to continuing to grow this neighbourhood tradition.

Raed Kolta

Raed and his wife Verjinia moved to Cabbagetown with their daughter Jessica in 2017. The mix of leafy roads, parks, local restaurants and wonderful people are what drew them here to Cabbagetown. Raed values the sense of small-town warmth and community activities in Cabbagetown. In joining the CRA, Raed looks to help the organization achieve its initiatives so that Cabbagetown residents enjoy the results.

Raed holds a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, and an MBA in Marketing Management.  Raed is an experienced finance and private equity professional, Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA), and an entrepreneur who owns a property management company and a corporate housing business in Downtown Toronto.  Outside of work, Raed enjoys Latin dance.

SEan O'Donovan from CRA board

Sean O'Donovan

In 1996, after spending their early careers in the UK, Belgium and France, Sean and Amanda O’Donovan moved to Canada with their two young daughters. 15 years later, as empty nesters, they began their 18-month search for a home in Cabbagetown and found their match on Metcalfe Street. They love the friendly neighbourhood, the local retail scene and the easy, walkable access to all that Toronto has to offer.

Sean spent the last 23 years working in the tech sector in various leadership roles in Marketing and Customer Success. He recently retired from full time work and is thrilled to join the team at the CRA to help manage communication with Cabbagetown residents.

Cabbagetown According To…Sean O'Donovan

Sam Lyon CRA Board director

Sam Lyon

Originally from the UK, Sam moved to Canada in 2005, and to Cabbagetown in 2015. He lives on Gifford Street with his wife and two young sons. He loves the neighbourhood's walkability, parks and amenities, and vibrant location right at the heart of the city. Sam works for the provincial government.  

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Jeremy Neuringer

Jeremy has been a Cabbagetown resident for 5 years, having moved back to Canada after traveling extensively for work in the 90’s then living in the USA for nearly 20 years.  He grew up in Ottawa and graduated MBA from Carleton, Sprott School of Business and currently operates a CIO advisory business under his own name.  

Jeremy's interests include travel, wine, marine life, and Victorian era home improvement.  Jeremy is excited about bringing neighbours together to achieve enriched living conditions on our respective blocks. 

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Lise A. Flynn

Lise A Flynn has lived in Cabbagetown for over two decades and loves the lush parks, the Don River trails and the Riverdale Farm, as well as the local retail and restaurant scene. She will happily brag to anyone who will listen about how proud she is to live in such an historic Victorian era neighborhood, right in the heart of our great city.

During the 2000s Lise worked as a Private Cook for a religious residence here in Cabbagetown and in 2002 she started her own Personal Chef & Catering business. Shopping locally for ingredients allowed Lise to build relationships with local retailers like St. Jamestown Steak & Chops, Epicure and Cabbagetown Organics, not to mention all the vendors at the Cabbagetown Farmer’s. In 2010 Lise decided to take her career in a different direction, went back to school, and now Freelances in Post-Production Sound Design.

A life-long dog lover, Lise loves to take daily walks on Cabbagetown’s treelined streets with her 4-legged buddy, Macs, by her side.

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Jose Castillo

Jose is originally from the Dominican Republic and has lived in Toronto for the past 9 years and a proud Cabbagetown resident since December of 2018.

He is easy going and likes to enjoy the simple things in life. Jose is always eager to try to help others and he believes that there is always a solution to any problem, as long as you have a positive attitude and are optimistic. Jose is happily married and enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children.

He has been a real estate agent for 20 years in both the Dominican Republic and Canada. He likes to travel, play outdoor sports and engage with friends and family as often as possible!

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