Crime alert: Stroller stolen off of front porch – pictures of possible thief available

Crime Alert

Crime alert: Stroller stolen off of front porch – pictures of possible thief available

We received reports from two different residents about two incidents that occurred on Tuesday April 11 which might be related. The first report was of a stroller chassis (a stroller without the carrier) stolen off of a porch on Geneva Avenue in the morning. At around the same time, a resident of Nasmith Avenue observed an unknown person walking up the driveways of a number of Nasmith Avenue properties, opening tool sheds and looking in backyards – this resident asked the person to stop and wait while she called Toronto Police Services, but when the person refused and began to walk away the resident took the photographs seen below. The police did respond, but the person trespassing had already left the area.

The Geneva Avenue residents are certain that the stroller chassis in the photographs is theirs. They have provided a photograph of the stroller model which we have posted below also. Toronto Police have been advised and sent the photographs.

A reader wrote to us to say that an earlier version of this post incorrectly assumed that the person pictured stole the stroller and that there is a possibility that it is not the same stroller or that someone else took the stroller and this person found it – we agree that this is a possibility and have amended the post accordingly. However, the fact that the two incidents occurred at around the same time approximately 300 metres apart make it a likely scenario. There is no dispute that the person in the pictures is not a resident of Nasmith Avenue and did not have the permission of the various property owners to be on their property and rummaging through their belongings.

One resident has reported seeing the same person on the same day with a stroller walking south on Dyer Lane to Gerrard Street East and another resident wrote to let us know that he also saw the same person with a stroller loaded with bicycle parts walking to a Parliament Street address. Both reports have been passed to the stroller owners to communicate to the police.

Image of woman pushing stroller

Image of woman pushing stroller

Image of woman pushing stroller

Image of stroller chassis

If you have any information about this or any other matter of similar concern – call Toronto Police. Also, be sure to report crimes of any severity or value to the police as they monitor these reports and assign resources accordingly. If you would like to let fellow residents know also, please contact us and let us know what you would be comfortable with us sharing.

Toronto Police:
416-808-2222 for non-emergency inquiries
911 for emergencies and crimes in progress
Toronto Police CORE (Citizen Online Report Entry)
Toronto Police Bicycle Registration Form

how to report a crime - click for PDF

2 replies on “Crime alert: Stroller stolen off of front porch – pictures of possible thief available”

Thanks for posting. The stroller looks like a Stokke Xplory – a very nice and very expensive model, I am sure the owners are upset to lose it.

Last August a bike trailer was stolen and recovered via a posting on this site. Note, this person was also using it to transport random bike parts:

Good work to the Cabbagetowners who noticed something “fishy”. Hopefully the community can recover this stroller as well!

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