Neighbourhood Issues

Where appropriate the CRA will work to highlight and champion local issues that impact our community. Sometimes this will start following an inquiry or an idea from a community member, sometimes as a result of our regular interactions with the City or local organizations.

Recent examples include:

  • Working with local social services provider Dixon Hall to raise money to address acute food insecurity in Cabbagetown and the Downtown East.
  • Liaising with film production companies operating ion the neighbourhood to raise $15,000 to support local concerns such as the Cabbagetown Youth Club, Local Schools, Dixon Hall, etc.
  • Addressing community concerns about plans to establish a new Pot Shop within the Wellesley Street residential area, when there were already half a dozen pot shops scheduled to open within a km of this location.
  • Working with the Cabbagetown BIA to support neighbourhood beautification projects and art installations
  • Helping residents concerned about a new seven story mixed residential and commercial development planned at 597 Parliament Street, that threatened to cast shade on surrounding houses on Wellesley Street, Iroquois Lane and Amelia Street.
  • Providing community insights into the needed redevelopment of the rooming houses in the four large Second Empire properties at 502-208 Parliament Street.

The CRA is also an active member of FoSTRA (Federation of South Toronto Residents’ Associations) which liaises on issues/initiatives such as laneway housing/garden suites, affordable housing and PlanTO.

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