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Who we are:

The Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) Safety and Security Committee is comprised of a handful of volunteers who are interested in engaging local residents and merchants in maintaining and improving the safety and security of our neighbourhood and community.

Our role in our community:

Our role is to identify and respond to safety and security concerns affecting residents and merchants and to help our community to find practical solutions to prevent and minimize the impact of these issues on our neighbourhood.

The voice of the community:

The CRA Safety and Security Committee will be a reliable avenue through which the ideas and concerns of residents and merchants can be communicated with those who can help us to make a difference. Activities include:

1. Survey residents and merchants regarding safety and security concerns.

2. Respond to all written or verbal concerns received regarding safety and security in a timely manner; provide relevant information and/or forward concern to appropriate experts (e.g., Police, City Councillor, Parks and Recreation, etc).

3. Liaise with Police Services at 51 Division through regular attendance on the Community Police Liason Committee, and on an as needed basis.

4. Connect with the city councillor’s office to find ways to prevent or ameliorate safety and security concerns, including crime prevention through environmental design considerations.

5. Work with the Cabbagetown BIA’s newly established Crime and Safety Committee to address issues that emerge on the crossover points between the commercial and residential areas.

6. Provide relevant and contemporary safety tips and advice as well as progress on safety and security initiatives.

We would like to hear from you:

As part of this role, we wish to get input from you, the residents of Cabbagetown. In many cases, issues of vandalism, petty crime or significant traffic violations are not reported to police, and as a result, it is difficult to be able to understand the extent of such incidents. We strongly encourage residents to report all incidents to police in order to identify any clusters of illegal or problematic activity. Additionally, we ask that you share any safety and security experiences or concerns with us, and residents, via the public CRA forum.

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