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The Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) is a volunteer organization, originally established in 1967, representing residents living in Toronto's Cabbagetown community.

The area called "Cabbagetown" has changed many times over the years, and even today many people disagree as to what the boundaries were and are. At various times, it has included neighbourhoods such as Moss Park, Trefann Court, Regent Park, Don Vale, the Garden District and St. Jamestown. We like to think that if you think you live in Cabbagetown, and you'd like to be a Cabbagetowner...then you're welcome!

There are a few different associations in the area, but the boundaries for the area that we represent are those traditionally identified as the Don Vale area of Cabbagetown:

  • Gerrard Street to the South
  • St. James Cemetery to the North
  • Parliament Street to the West
  • Don River to the East

There are other Residents Associations nearby including the Cabbagetown South Residents' Association, Aberdeen Avenue Residents Group, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association, The Garden District Residents Association, South Rosedale Residents' Association, Trefann Court Resident's Association, The Bleecker Ontario Wellesley Winchester Neighbourhood Association, the Winchester Park Residents’ Association, the Corktown Residents and Business Association, the Gooderham and Worts Neighbourhood Association and the Playter Area Residents' Association.

For a full list of Toronto Residents Associations, visit David Topping's excellent map:

The Cabbagetown Residents Association is committed to:

  • protecting and improving general quality of life
  • sustaining economic viability
  • promoting safety and security
  • raising awareness among community residents
  • communicating key issues and concerns to various public organizations including City Council, Toronto Police & District School Boards.

Homeowners and renters living in Cabbagetown who believe it is important to improve safety and enhance our general quality of life within the community are welcome to join.

Cabbagetown really was once a town of cabbages. But those days are long gone and today, this shaded community beside the Don Valley is one of Toronto's most interesting downtown neighbourhoods.

The name Cabbagetown can be traced to the 1840s, when waves of emigrants fleeing the famine in Ireland arrived in Toronto with many settling into the area between Parliament Street and the Don Valley. Hungry and poor these people grew root vegetables and cabbages in the thin sandy soil and with cabbages being the more visible garden vegetable, the name Cabbagetown was coined. The area was also home to the Don Vale House, an old-time hostelry and sporting resort.

The neighbourhood that evolved out of those hard times is dense and delightful. Small cottages share narrow shaded streets with tall Victorian homes. Parliament Street has always been the core of the neighbourhood, today featuring shops, restaurants and cafes. While out of place today, the name Parliament Street dates back to the earliest days of Toronto, when Upper Canada's first Legislature was located near the intersection of Parliament and King Streets.

Through its recorded history and continuing transformation, Cabbagetown has been home to an amazing group of Canadian personalities who, in both big and small ways, have left their imprint on the community and the nation. These individuals are honoured by blue heritage plaques placed at their former residences, as part of the public education program, Cabbagetown People.

Today's Cabbagetown accommodates a diverse population and represents what a good city neighbourhood should be: lively, attractive and full of character.

For more information see the current Board of Directors or Contact Us.

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