Food Insecurity Emergency in Cabbagetown

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Food Insecurity Emergency in Cabbagetown

Posted on November 19, 2020

A Message From Your Cabbagetown Associations


Dear Neighbour,

Food insecurity is at an all-time high across Cabbagetown, St. Jamestown and Regent Park. Unemployment and soaring food prices, along with many other pressures caused by the pandemic, have created a severe problem that is only going to get worse this winter.

The Residents’ Associations across Cabbagetown, along with the Cabbagetown Preservation Association, have launched a fundraising initiative to help address this problem. This Neighbours Helping Neighbours campaign asks our generous and caring community to help us raise much needed funds.

This initiative will directly support Dixon Hall, a neighbourhood services provider located in the heart of Cabbagetown. They manage most of our local rooming houses and have done much to improve the lives of tenants. They also serve clients in supported housing across St. Jamestown, Regent Park and other areas in the Downtown East.

Dixon Hall urgently needs the support of our community to help address the food insecurity their clients face.

By directing donations to the Dixon Hall fundraising platform we can ensure all the monies raised get used for front line support services, plus tax receipts can be issued for donations of $10 and over. 


Please select “Food Insecurity” in the ‘Donation Designation’ field to ensure your donation is directed correctly.


Thank you for your support. Together we can ensure that all members of our community have regular access to healthy, nutritious food.


Victoria Hadden – Chair AARG
Dee Lewis – President WPRA
Karen Marren – President CSRA
Gale Moore – Chair CPA
Sean O’Donovan
– Acting Chair CRA

5 replies on “Food Insecurity Emergency in Cabbagetown”

It is wonderful that all the neighbourhood organizations are rallying around Dixon Hall. I know their team, especially the Rooming House project, are doing excellent work improving the lives of the vulnerable people in our community.

I would also remind residents that the Allan Gardens Food Bank, a member agency of Daily Bread, is located at St. Lukes United Church, 353 Sherbourne Street, has been serving food insecure residents of St. Jamestown, Cabbagetown, Cabbagetown South, Regent Park for more than 10 years and has remained open throughout the COVID pandemic. The Allan Gardens Food Bank is open Thursday and Friday from 12:30-3:00PM every week and all are welcome. Food or money donations may also be dropped off at St. Lukes United Church.

Morgan Harris
Director, Allan Gardens Food Bank
DIrector, Daily Bread Food Bank

When can I drop off a donation at St Luke’s? I am looking for a time when it will be open but without a crowd. And what door do I use?

Thanks , Morgan, for the this heads-up re the St Luke’s drop-off
point. I’ll walk over on Friday to make a cash donation.
I would love to be of assistance in any other way, too – excepting
Cilla Kent

This is so wonderful to see. This community is such a vibrant place. The amount of care and concern you have for your neighbors is inspiring. We, at the Rooming House Project (staff and tenants) extend a special thank you to Dee, Sean, Gale Carol and Victoria for your continued neighborly support!

Peter and I have supported Dixon Hall over many years.
Alas, when I tried to make an additional donation on-line a
fortnight ago, I was stymied. Turns out that was a Good Thing, as
I decide, enough with writing cheques, I want to see for myself
what’s going on in my neighboorhood.
So I walked down to St Luke’,s home of the Allen Gardens Food
Bank, bag of cash in hand. I’m so glad I did that.
St Luke’s is old, dark, soaring into the grey November heavens.
A forbidding sight, not at all welcoming, for all its good intentions.
What broke my heart was the sight of a line of people, two or three deep, all ages, all genders, all colours, able and disabled,
snaking from the entrance of the Foodbank on Sherbourne, all
the way back on to Carlton for, oh, a few blocks?
This scene, Dickensian in its misery, broke my heart. It would’ve
been easier to write that cheque, from the comfort of my home
office. As I said before, I’m so glad I did that, so glad that I connected, human being to human being, with my community.

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