Toronto Ward Boundary Review: Report Available

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Toronto Ward Boundary Review: Report Available

Toronto Wards - Focused on Ward 28We’ve written in the past about the initiative to review and possibly redraw the current ward boundaries of Toronto.

There has been quite a bit of consultation and feedback provided and there is now a report available that contains that feedback. The final pages of the report contain maps showing the current boundaries, and five proposed redrawings.

Current Boundaries: 44 Wards Total – Cabbagetown is in Ward 28 – 63K Residents (Avg. Per Ward (2014))
Minimal Changes: 47 Wards Total – Ward 123 – 61K Residents
44 Wards Change: 44 Wards Total – Ward 232 – 70K Residents
Small Wards: 58 Wards Total – Ward 340 – 50K Residents
Large Wards: 38 Wards Total – Ward 418 – 75K Residents
Natural/Physical Boundaries: 41 Wards Total – Ward 521 – 70K Residents
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The Final Report, which will include a recommendation for a new ward structure for Toronto, is scheduled to be presented at the City of Toronto Executive Committee on May 24, 2016.

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