Winchester Park Residents Association Meeting – Wrap-Up

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Winchester Park Residents Association Meeting – Wrap-Up

Doug Fisher has written a great wrap-up of the Winchester Park Residents Association meeting that took place on June 7, 2016. A lot of topics were covered, and many will be of interest to residents nearby. Here are some snippets from his blog:

The Winchester Park Residents Association held a positive meeting on Tuesday evening to report about several very serious issues. Congrats to its Board members who have been doing a lot of detailed, difficult work to create change in the neighbourhood.

TCHC has responded to concerns about the behaviour of its tenants in several Winchester Street addresses. People who are dealing drugs are being kicked out. Read more…

Covenant House has now finished the final repair work before moving into its new facility in Winchester Park. A derelict TCH property has been renovated to provide housing for seven young people from the Covenant House system. Read more…

On Bleecker Street, five properties are being renting to Airbnb visitors. The upshot is a long list of troublesome activities – big parties, garbage, charter buses. Airbnb Inc has officially been supportive of WPRA complaints but the building owners find ways to avoid Airbnb sanctions. Read more…

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