We’re Number 1! Ward 28 Pays Most In Property Taxes

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We’re Number 1! Ward 28 Pays Most In Property Taxes

Here is some interesting information courtesy of Metro. Ward 28 Toronto Centre – Rosedale, of which we are part, pays 10 times as much as the city ward that pays the least. Residential and Business property taxes for our ward total $366 million for 2015.

Before you get too heated up about that, not all of the wards are the same size and don’t have the same number of homes and businesses so it might be an apples to cabbages comparison. I would be interested to know if there are any comparisons (city or provincial) that are based on the area of a property – let us know if you know of any.

Who’s paying for Toronto? A ward-by-ward breakdown of property taxes in Toronto (metronews.ca)

4 replies on “We’re Number 1! Ward 28 Pays Most In Property Taxes”

Nothing wrong with paying tax – it’s the price of civilized society. I’d be thrilled to pay 10% more tax and have extra transit service in the downtown core.

Absolutely! I think everyone knows that it’s our taxes that provide many of the services that we and others rely on. I’m pinning my hopes on personal battery-operated commuter jetpacks becoming commonplace before the downtown relief line arrives however.

At the rate property values are rising, market value taxation will be pricing many of us out of our homes in the not so distant future. Years ago I sold a condo at 15 McMurrich, the selling price was less than the assessed value. Did I get a refund of taxes paid? Of course not! We need to end the annual assessment and have the basis for taxation adjusted only when a property is sold.

Ross, not sure I agree with you. If property tax was calculated tax on last transaction price, then someone who bought a $70,000 house in 1980 would be paying 1/10 of the tax of someone who bought a $700,000 house last year. But they both live in the same city and use the same services, why shouldn’t they be paying the same tax?

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