Wellesley Park Splash Pad and Park Improvements – Update

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Wellesley Park Splash Pad and Park Improvements – Update

Some great news about Wellesley Park. If you’ve been near the park recently, you will have seen that work has begun as captured on May 12th in this video by resident Marc Simmons (thanks Marc!).

Councillor McConnell’s office provided us with a detailed schedule and the word is that the contractor is tracking close to plan (within a couple of days).

Click here for a PDF version of the project plan
Wellesley Splash Pad 2015 Schedule

Sean McIntyre, Constituency Assistant for Councillor McConnell provided the document above and the following comments:

1) The blue shade sails. Parks has agreed that blue colour does not blend in well. They will commit to replacing them with a green colour and are sourcing that as we speak.

2) Given the mechanism required to spray the acrylic and the length of time required for it to set, there will be times when it will look as if it could be useable but will remain closed. This is because there will be quite a number of tripping hazards as well the need for everything to settle.

Sean offered to be a contact if anyone has questions about the project. Thanks Sean!

Sean McIntyre
Constituency Assistant
Pam McConnell
Deputy Mayor

City Councillor, Ward 28 (Toronto Centre – Rosedale)
100 Queen Street West, Suite A7
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Phone: 416-392-0207 | Fax: 416-392-7296
Email: smcinty@toronto.ca | Councillor_McConnell@toronto.ca
Web: www.pammcconnell.ca | Twitter: @PamMcConnell28

5 replies on “Wellesley Park Splash Pad and Park Improvements – Update”

Thanks for your comment and that’s disappointing news. We haven’t heard anything about the delay to September and the article you linked to doesn’t mention it either. Is there a source you can provide? Thanks again.

I went and visited the crew doing work on the park today, and they said that they haven’t heard of any delay until September. They said that the wet weather we had a few weeks ago delayed some of the concrete work so they’re a bit behind but they expect things to be wrapped up in the next 2 or 3 weeks (other than the blue sail part…they said they’re not sure how long the replacement for that will take).

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