Election 2014: Ward 28 Position Primer

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Election 2014: Ward 28 Position Primer

There’s plenty of information available for those following the 2014 Toronto Mayoral race including this interesting Compass Poll hosted by the CBC that lets you see how your opinions align with those of the leading 3 candidates.

There hasn’t been as much information available about the race for councillor in different wards however…until now!

Women In Toronto Politics, has put together an interesting site called Position Primer which gives citizens the chance to compare candidates’ positions on various topics.

If you’d like more information on the race for Ward 28 of which Cabbagetown is a part, visit the site at:

In addition, on October 2nd at 8 PM there will be a debate for Ward 28 Councillor candidates that will be televised on Rogers TV. For full details visit the Rogers TV website at:

For a full list of Mayoral Candidates, Ward 28 Councillor Candidates and Ward 14 School Trustees, we’ve created a page that lists everyone and links to the City of Toronto page that gives their website/social media information (if they provided it) so you can learn more about each candidate.

All Mayoral, Ward 28 Councillor and Ward 10 School Trustee Candidates

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