Update on recent string of nearby shootings

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Update on recent string of nearby shootings

After the recent string of shootings nearby in Regent Park, we wanted to give you a status update on our communications with Toronto Police Services 51 Division. Our Safety and Security Liaison, Des Ryan, has been in communication with our local police since gunfire was reported and confirmed in April at Broadcast Lane and Winchester St. in Cabbagetown. The recent series of shootings in Regent Park are not known to be related, but are of great concern to many of our residents and the 51 Division Unit Commander is keen to keep the community as informed as possible and to seek our assistance.

While our ward doesn’t have a councillor at the moment, ward staff have let us know that this issue has their office’s full attention. They have been working closely with Toronto Community Housing, 51 Division Police, and the city’s Community Crisis Response Unit. 51 Division has increased patrols in the area – in addition to the dedicated Regent Park Community Response officers – and TCH has dispatched more Community Safety Unit officers to the neighbourhood. We can confirm that officers have been very quick to respond to reports of gunfire (and fireworks).

Police are seeking any assistance that residents can provide such as identifying suspects photographed in the August 28 / September 4 shootings (images available here) or any surveillance camera images of suspicious activity – no matter how insignificant it might seem. Des will be meeting with the 51 Division Unit Commander within the next few days for further updates which we will share with you.

There have been four shootings in Regent Park within the past month (1 person killed, 4 injured), plus one shooting in July (1 person killed) and another in January (1 person killed). There was also confirmed gunfire in April at Broadcast Lane near Winchester St.; fortunately no injuries were reported in this incident.

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