Update on proposed development at 461 Sackville St.

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Update on proposed development at 461 Sackville St.

As shared by the Cabbagetowner on January 26, 2018, owners of the property at 461 Sackville St. (at the southeast corner with Amelia) have applied for a minor variance to alter the existing building so it could be used as a day nursery. This story includes plans provided by the developer to the city.

It has since been clarified that the application to be licensed as a day nursery, which is a provincial designation granted through the Ministry of Education, is a further step in this process: what is at hand right now are physical changes to the property that would allow the site to be considered for such a use. Some of those changes require variances from the official plan, which is why the proposal is going to the city’s Committee of Adjustment on April 11, 2018, 1:30 p.m., Committee Room 2, Toronto City Hall. Please note that this is a different, earlier date than originally had been scheduled.

There has been significant commentary online about this issue, both from neighbours concerned about these physical changes and from Cabbagetowners who believe these changes are not detrimental and will make possible what they see as a needed day-care facility within our neighbourhood.

In the past two months, the property owner met with the CRA board of directors, as did a delegation of neighbours who oppose the variance and who have undertaken a petition to present to the city and the Committee of Adjustment. Beyond the physical changes proposed to the property, this group is also concerned about how such a use of this property, currently zoned as five apartments and two ground-floor commercial units, would cause traffic congestion and issues with parking, given there would be employees and parents dropping off and picking up children. The Cabbagetown District Heritage Committee is also reviewing the variance application through a heritage lens.

The CRA board encourages all members to express your opinions and observations.

Residents can attend the Committee of Adjustment meeting hearing on April 11 and speak to the item, or they can submit comments to the application technician, Daniel De Moissac, Daniel.demoissac@toronto.ca (comments cannot be registered by phone, only mail or email). Comments must be submitted by Thursday, April 5.

You can also connect with Peter Lovering, constituency assistant for Ward 2 Councillor Lucy Troisi, peter.lovering@toronto.ca .

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