Two overnight break-ins along Wellesley Street East

Crime Alert

Two overnight break-ins along Wellesley Street East

Two neighbours report break-ins through the back entrances to their residences in the early hours of Monday, March 5 in the same area of Wellesley Street East

Around 2 a.m. an intruder kicked the back door of one home and smashed the glass open; the person fled when the residents and the resident’s dog awoke and made noise. Police were notified and patrolled the area.

The second incident occurred around 6 a.m. when an intruder rummaged through the car in another resident’s garage, got into the backyard and then came into the home’s kitchen. The household dogs awoke and the intruder fled. The residents had a security camera operating and images have been turned over to the police.

Our safety and security lead for the residents’ association, Des Ryan, reminds us all to be vigilant and look out for each other, and to always report any incident to police as it helps them detect patterns and make the case for increasing patrols in our neighbourhood.

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