Adorable Cabbagetown T-shirts and Onesies

The Residents Association is selling adorable Cabbagetown t-shirts and “onesies” for babies and kids. The t-shirts are green with white writing and the onesies are white with green writing, both featuring “mon petit chou” with a picture of a cabbage. A steal at $15!

Kids wearing Tshirts and Onesies

You can pay online using the buttons below, and we’ll be in touch to find out which product(s) you would like and to arrange delivery or pick-up. Or you can email us with your choice and let us know that you’ll pay with cash or cheque when we meet with you.

Onesie 3-6 months $15.00 CAD
Onesie 6-12 months $15.00 CAD
Onesie 12-18 months $15.00 CAD
T-Shirt Size 2 $15.00 CAD
T-Shirt Size 4 $15.00 CAD
T-Shirt Size 6X $15.00 CAD

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One Response to Adorable Cabbagetown T-shirts and Onesies

  1. Cabbagetown Resident says:

    These are adorable! And a steal at $15.

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