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Spring driving safety tips

Des Ryan, a retired Toronto police officer and author of the Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series, is a CRA board director and our volunteer safety and security lead.

Did you know that your chances of being involved in a road accident are 30 per cent higher from June to August than at any other time of year?

Hard to believe, but it is true.

“The three-month period following spring marks the beginning of an unofficial ‘trauma season’ for both children and adults,” says Dr. Neil Merritt, a paediatric surgeon and a board director with the Trauma Association of Canada (TAC), a multidisciplinary society focused on the care of the injured patient and family. “Sadly, we see increased deaths and traumatic injuries, which we define as an injury of sudden onset and severity that requires medical attention.”

Why is this? Our driving patterns change. Kids are out of school, and we are driving long distances to cottages or vacation destinations. The volume of traffic increases, and we become impatient, driving faster on roads that we may be unfamiliar with.

Tired, anxious, and our minds wandering often result in our attention drifting—and our cars as well!

And then there is that Weekend Warrior factor: the increased use of alcohol or drugs during summer months.

As drivers, we need to take responsibility for our driving habits. Driving well-rested and sober is a no-brainer. Following the rules of the road and being mindful of speed limits is easy enough. Remembering that everyone else is as eager to get to where they are going as you are is another important step in road safety.

With that in mind, drive safely this summer!

Local Interest Traffic and Parking

TTC changes scheduled for Gerrard-Parliament intersection closure

The City and the TTC will be replacing the streetcar tracks at the intersection of Gerrard Street East and Parliament Street.

To accommodate this track work, the intersection will be completely fully closed in all directions for three weeks – from 5 a.m. on Monday, May 14 to 6 a.m. on Monday, June 4. A minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction will be open on June 4.

TTC service changes (5 a.m. on May 14 to 6 a.m. on June 4)
The 506/306 Carlton route is currently operating with a bus service. During the full closure and track renewal work at the Gerrard/Parliament intersection, all buses will be restricted from entering the intersection.

– 506/306 Carlton Route: Buses will divert around the closed intersection both ways via Carlton Street, Sherbourne Street, Dundas Street East, River Street and Gerrard Street East to route.

– 65/365 Parliament Route: Buses will divert both ways via Parliament Street, Carlton Street, Sherbourne Street, Dundas Street East and Parliament Street to route.

The first few days of the full intersection closure are the most disruptive and involve breaking and removing concrete within the streetcar track areas. Concrete breaking will stop at 11 p.m.

Traffic during the closure
– Eastbound traffic will be diverted at Sherbourne Street.
– Westbound traffic will be diverted at River Street.
– Southbound traffic will be diverted at Carlton Street
– Northbound traffic will be diverted at Dundas Street
– Local traffic will be maintained up to the closure.

Track work
The rail installation phase of this project will involve periods of late evening and overnight work and extended weekend hours by TTC crews. The overnight rail work may consist of moving rail into position, rail installation and rail welding / grinding. Around-the-clock rail installation work by TTC is required to preserve the integrity and quality of new rail and concrete and support the daytime construction.

Pre-assembled rail panels on flatbed trailers will be temporarily stored in the track allowance near the closure limits. The rail panels help speed up installation, thereby reducing overnight work.

TTC office/lunch trailers will be parked on Gerrard Street (south of Anniversary Park) west of Parliament Street. These trailers will be removed at the end of the project.

The TTC contact for this project is Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison, 416 393-2197;

Local Interest Traffic and Parking

Update No. 2: DVP spring closure now on Apr. 20-23

Update on April 25: Read about all the work done in the DVP spring cleanup in this news release from the City of Toronto.

Based on weather forecasts that we’re moving into a sunny weekend, the City of Toronto is going ahead with The Don Valley Parkway spring cleanup, between Highway 401/404 and the Gardiner Expressway, from 11 p.m. on Friday, April 20 to Monday, April 23 at 5 a.m. The DVP will be closed that entire time.

On April 11 Toronto City Hall announced that the Don Valley Parkway closure set for April 13 to 16 was cancelled due to expected unsuitable weather – a prescient move, given the ice storm and weather kaka the city endured last Saturday and Sunday.

Please plan alternate routes to and from Cabbagetown this weekend.

Local Interest Traffic and Parking

Gerrard and Parliament intersection to be closed 3 weeks starting mid-May

The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission will replace the streetcar tracks at the intersection of Parliament Street and Gerrard Street East. The expected start date of the work is May 14, 2018, and the expected end date is June 4, 2018. To accommodate this work, the intersection will be completely closed for three weeks. Sidewalks will remain accessible, and pedestrians will be detoured safely around the work area.

A pre-construction notice is being distributed in March to 34,000 residents via Canada Post, and posted on the Downtown Construction website for reference.

A Construction Notice confirming the start date and more details will be delivered approximately two to three weeks before work starts. 

Local Interest Programs Traffic and Parking

Sewer works on Amelia St. October 2 – 6

Our friends in the Ward 28 office have let us know that sewer works will be conducted on Amelia St. during the week of October 2 – 6. Residents on Amelia St. have been notified by the letter posted below.

The field ambassador on site during this project can be reached at 647-821-9813. The City’s project manager is Bo Pajic, available at 416-392-7338. The work involves sending a CCTV camera in to the sewer pipes to take images of different pipe segments. The sewers are flushed to facilitate this work. This may cause some noise and possibly some odour. If the sewer requires relining, equipment such as blowers, air compressors and/or power generators will be used. Access will be gained through maintenance holes, but excavation may be required. All noise and work will comply with the City’s noise bylaw.

While there will be no disruptions to water or sewer services, residents are asked to please limit the usage of their water services as much as possible while this work is being done. If access to driveways is impeded (likely not an issue on Amelia), homeowners will be notified in advance. Parking in an active work zone is not permitted. If a parked vehicle affects the construction work, it will be re-located nearby at no cost to the owner. If a resident cannot find their car, please contact 416-808-2222.

Click to read PDF version
Click to read PDF version
Click to read PDF version

Issues Traffic and Parking

Survey on laneway cycling – please participate!

The Laneway Project, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Community Bicycle Network are working together to explore opportunities for using laneways to fill gaps in Toronto’s cycling network.

The project will identify challenges and possible solutions that can be implemented in the short and medium terms, while more significant infrastructure investment is being undertaken as part of the City’s Cycling Network Ten Year Plan. Please refer to the Project Backgrounder for an overview of Toronto’s cycling and laneway networks today, current cycling trends and stats, and some observed challenges and opportunities.

As part of this initiative, they have prepared a short survey to gain input from Torontonians living and working around the city’s laneway network, both cyclists and non-cyclists, regarding the challenges and opportunities that exist for using Toronto’s laneways as cycle routes.

Cabbagetown is filled with laneways and it’s important that our voices be heard in this initiative, so please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Events Traffic and Parking

Pride weekend road closures near Cabbagetown

The City of Toronto has issued a news release about road closures for Pride festivities and parades over June 23 to 25, 2017. None are directly in Cabbagetown – closures start west of Jarvis Street – but will affect transit routes on the 506 Carlton streetcar and the 94 Wellesley bus that serve our neighbourhood.


Crime Prevention Traffic and Parking

Braking news: Bayview Extension speed limit reduced again

The Cabbagetowner noticed this weekend that the speed limit signs on the Bayview Extension between Pottery Road and River Street have been replaced to indicate a 50 km/h limit. The speed limit in this area was 70 km/h from the opening in 1959 and 60 km/h since June 2011. It seems that the additional reduction is part of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and was voted on in July 2016.

There is no additional signage to warn of the change, and one of the Toronto Police Services’ “stealth” patrol cars was seen issuing tickets to drivers which is not an irregular occurrence on this stretch of road next to the neighbourhood, although infraction recipients might have been surprised to have an additional 10 km/h thrown into the fine calculation.

Vision Zero Road Safety Plan (
City Council Item PW14.1 (
Proposed Roads (.pdf /

Image of Bayview Extension with a 50 km/h speed limit sign.

Issues Local Interest Politics Programs Traffic and Parking

Bike Share June 2017 update

Toronto City Councillor Pam McConnell convened a meeting on June 7, 2017 at Riverdale Park West because the city parks department has raised concerns about snow clearing issues with the Bike Share station in its present location. In attendance were representatives from Bike Share, Parks and Recreation, the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA), and Friends of Riverdale Park.

It was clear from the CRA poll run from Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2016, that all but a handful of residents wanted to keep the Bike Share station in the park and many indicated by added comments it should stay in its current location. It was also the unanimous opinion of the 11 board directors of CRA that the Bike Share station does not need to be moved. The board feels the Bike Share should be part of the park and visibly displayed. The board, reflecting feedback from its members, did not accept a previous argument, later supported by the Heritage Conservation District Committee, that the Bike Share location was detrimental to heritage concerns.

However, given this new logistics concern raised by the Parks department, the CRA agreed to participate in conversations about an alternate location for the station within the park.

At the June 7 meeting, two options presented were rejected:
– Moving the bike share outside the park; the group committed to finding a spot within the park;
– Moving the station to street parking spots bordering the park, not acceptable since parking is at a premium in our neighbourhood.

The suggestion of using the space between the parking spaces on Carlton and the sidewalk at the southwest corner of the park seemed reasonable to all parties and does not present a snow-clearing issue, according to the Parks representative. This option would keep the Bike Share station in the park and keep it in a visible location — the primary entrance to the park and near existing post-and-ring bike parking stands.

The Residents Association is here to represent your views. While the parties at the meeting felt that this was the best solution, given the concerns presented, we welcome your feedback and will continue to work with the other parties to find the best solution.

The additional purpose of the meeting was to connect the Bike Share staff with community representatives from Cabbagetown since it is likely that more Bike Share locations will be installed in our neighbourhood over the coming years and city staff has promised consultations with the community through the CRA.


Phil Frei
Volunteer Board Director & President
Cabbagetown Residents Association

Programs Traffic and Parking

Three-week closure of Dundas-Parliament intersection for streetcar track replacement and other road work

This is just outside of the neighbourhood, but some Cabbagetowners will want to be aware of some upcoming streetcar track work that will affect the intersection at Dundas Street East and Parliament Street.

The work was completed earlier than expected! Kudos to the crews who worked hard to get things moving again so quickly.

– Complete closure of the intersection
Monday May 15 at 5 a.m. to Monday June 5

– One lane in each direction open
Tuesday June 6 – Saturday June 10

Read more about this road closure… (

At the intersection of Dundas Street and Parliament Street, one lane of traffic in each direction will be open at 6 p.m. tonight, one week ahead of schedule. All lanes will be open to traffic on June 5 when overhead and electrical work is completed.

The 505 Dundas Streetcar and the 65 Parliament Street bus will be affected by this closure and watermain work during the same period with a number of diversions.

Read more about the 505 Streetcar diversion (
Read more about the 65 Parliament Street Bus diversion (

See also:
Parliament Street to be resurfaced between Bloor and Wellesley May 15 – August 19

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