Cabbagetown According To…

Kate was elected to the board of directors for the CRA in June 2018.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat: It’s a toss-up among Kanpai Snack Bar, Sukho Thai, House on Parliament, and Salt and Tobacco—there are just too many great places to choose from! I also love Jet Fuel for the coffee and the great neighbourhood vibe. 

Cabbagetown needs: A branch of Tabule, an amazing Toronto Middle Eastern restaurant.

Favourite block: The Wellesley Cottages, a tidy row of Victorian workers’ cottages tucked away north of Wellesley St. E.

Best public space: The Necropolis, a very old Toronto cemetery with picturesque topography featuring winding paths and a wonderful array of flora, fauna, and stones (and, at the gate, beautiful Victorian Gothic buildings).

Favourite store: Epicure

Cabbagetown pet peeve: The Parliament bus is ridiculously undependable — often there’s no bus for 20 to 30 minutes at a time during evening rush hour, even in light traffic.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret: The Children’s Book Bank, hands down—not to be missed if you have young children!

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA): Stay up to date on what’s happening, get to know your neighbours, support local initiatives, and make your voice heard!

Colin Burn, a corporate lawyer, joined the CRA board in 2018 and is serving as board secretary. He and his wife Courtney moved into their home on Sackville Street in 2017 and have since welcomed their daughter Caroline. Originally from Montreal by way of Ottawa, Colin moved to Toronto in 2012. While not yet ready to admit to his friends and family in Ottawa and Montreal that he is a “Torontonian”, Colin is certainly proud to be a Cabbagetowner.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat … A backyard barbecue supplied by St. Jamestown Steaks & Chops.

Cabbagetown needs … more resident-only parking spots

Favourite block … Parliament Street between Carlton and Winchester

Best public space …  Riverdale Farm. It’s the best public space in the cit for young families!

Favourite store … Home Hardware

Cabbagetown pet peeve … I think our community sometimes loses the right balance between preserving our beautiful and historic neighbourhood characteristics in a city that is rapidly changing and falling into some ugly “nimby-ism.” We get it right most of the time, though.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret … Trick-or-treating in Cabbagetown on Hallowe’en. The whole neighbourhood participates. It has to be one of the best places to be on Hallowe’en in the city.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) …  Helping to give back to the neighbourhood community

Image of Dale and Greg holding up their daughter
This week we have Greg and Dale, two of our wonderful neighbours and Forsythia Festival volunteers, giving their $0.02 on the neighbourhood.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat …
I love so many places to eat but our favourite is Thai Room. There is an avocado chicken that is to die for!

Cabbagetown needs …
Greg says – Funnel Cake
Dale says – smoothie place

Favourite block …
Nasmith is the best street in Cabbagetown! I may be biased but I have never experienced such a close knit community. The whole street hangs out together for our annual street party and our ‘movie in the alley’. I love coming home and finding 8 kids from all over the neighbourhood with their parents and caregivers hanging out in our back yard or on the sidewalk!

Best public space …
Riverdale Park West has such a variety of things to do and since we have a dog we are there at least once a day.

Favourite store …
Labour of Love is terrific for a small hostess gift or cheeky birthday card. Recently I stopped in and bought a pair of sunglasses that plants a tree for every pair sold. Win win.

Cabbagetown pet peeve …
Not keen on those trying to cut some time off their commute by driving through during rush hour. There are lots of kids and pets in the area and I would like to see less traffic and certainly slower speeds.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret …
The Forsythia Festival! It’s such a great community event but smaller and more intimate than the Cabbagetown festival. It’s a great way to connect to all our neighbours after a cold winter.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) …
It’s the best way to keep up on all the great things happening in the community!


Katie Tozer, her husband Mark, and their four children have lived on Parkview Avenue for seven years. She volunteers at the annual Forsythia Festival.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat … It’s a toss-up between the House on Parliament and Kingyo, depending on what we’re in the mood for.

Cabbagetown needs … More small businesses on Parliament Street. I love the ones that are already there, but more variety would be great!

Favourite block … The dead end on Wellesley Street East. It’s nice and quiet, low on traffic and the park and splash pad are right there!

Best public space … Riverdale Farm. Living so close to a farm in the city has provided endless hours of amusement for our kids, and I love the wonderful programs and events they offer. It’s such a special spot and we are so lucky to live down the road from it.

Favourite store … St Jamestown Steak and Chops. Everything is fantastic and Mark and his staff are so friendly and helpful.

Cabbagetown pet peeve …  Dog poop on the sidewalk. It seems so simple for this not to be the case, yet, it continues…

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret … All the laneways. They are home to so many interesting hidden houses.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA) …  To stay informed about all the great things happening in cabbagetown and to get involved.









Margaret McGann is a CRA volunteer for the Forsythia Festival and has sat on the nominating committee for new board directors.


Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat: This is a hard choice as there are many great restaurants in Cabbagetown. Friends of mine from the Beaches, Riverdale, Leaside, East York and Etobicoke that I have introduced to Cranberries love it and keep coming back for the great food and wonderful staff.  

Cabbagetown needs: more retail stores. While Cabbagetown has some wonderful shops I would like more to make our neighbourhood even more vibrant. 

Favourite block: definitely the Wellesley Cottages. They are a pleasant surprise in the midst of the city.

Best public space: Riverdale Farm. Where else in Toronto can we enjoy welcoming spring with the birth of baby lambs, piglets and chickens?

Favourite store: London Calling on Carlton for their English chocolate bars and toffee. 

Cabbagetown pet peeve: I don’t really have a Cabbagetown pet peeve although if I thought about it deciphering the different times for legal parking for my guests has been challenging.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret: The Necropolis chapel and cemetery. It is my favourite spot for a walk and to absorb some Toronto history. 

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA): to keep up with what is happening in our neighbourhood. CRA provides a long list of services from liaising with the City on everything from suggesting improvements to resident complaints. 

Meet Radek Zajkowski, who volunteers as webmaster for the Cabbagetown Residents Association. He lives on Wellesley Street with his family.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat:
F’Amelia, close to home, great for a romantic date. Discovered some nice vintages there.

Cabbagetown needs:
Bike-friendly access to Bayview via Wellesley Park.

Favourite blocks:
Sackville from Wellesley to Dundas. I often use it to bike down to the lake, it connects us to Regent Park Acquatic centre, Riverdale Farm, bike paths, among many other destinations.

Best public space:
Riverdale Farm. It’s amazing to have such space nearby to take kids to and it is located right next to one of the best tobogganing hills in the city.

Favourite store:
St. James Town Steak & Chops. It’s like having a mini St. Lawrence market down the street.

Cabbagetown pet peeve:
Lack of parking space. It’s a broader issue of how car-centric Toronto is, but in Cabbagetown we experience a shortage a bit more.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret:
Sri Lankan shops on the east side of Parliament between Amelia and Wellesley. 

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA):
Be in the know about your neighbourhood.

Meet Fiona Knight, elected in June 2017 as a volunteer board director for the CRA!

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat:
House on Parliament or Local Gest for pub food but I live with a chef so home food @MTHospitality is best! (Matt also caters at 420 Smokehouse from time to time).

Cabbagetown needs:
a really good dress shop I REALLY miss Sharon!

Favourite block:
the DACHI ( blocks on Spruce from Parliament to Dermott, Dermott to Carlton and along Carlton to Parliament: lovely folk and heritage houses.

Best public space:
by far the Riverdale Farm, although any of our public green spaces are wonderful!

Favourite store:
London Calling for provisions of the British variety on Carlton Street

Cabbagetown pet peeve:
constant road works and building!

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret:
all of the wonderful Co-operative Housing Associations; at last count, Cabbagetown had seven different co ops.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA):
to network and get to know the neighbourhood better and to find out all this inside information!

This installment of “Cabbagetown According to” features the opinions of Lynne Oddie, elected to the Board of Directors in 2017 and now serving as the CRA Secretary.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat:
“Hey Lucy”. They are always so great with my two little ones. They even have the high chairs with the trays!

Cabbagetown needs:
A dress shop!  Or at least more clothing stores. 

Favourite block:
Anything involving Amelia. It is such a beautiful street.

Best public space:
Riverdale Farm. I take my girls there almost every day. I think my daughter prefers the water fountain over the animals, but we do always manage to check out the bunnies. 

Favourite store:
No Frills. Seriously. It is amazing I can walk five minutes and get key household stuff.

Cabbagetown pet peeve:
All the sirens. We live on the South side of Spruce Street and there always seems to be a ton of sirens around naps and bedtime. 

Cabbagetown’s best-kept secret:
Absolutely Bakery, just south of Wellesley Street, east side of Parliament. They have amazing pastries at such reasonable prices. 

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA):
It’s a great way to meet new people and learn more about our wonderful neighbourhood. 

In this month’s “According To…” feature, we have the opinions of our Cabbagetown Safety and Security Liaison – Des Ryan!

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…
depending on the need: Salt & Tobacco for a pizza to go (or stay), House on Parliament for a pint and a solid pub meal, Stout for a couple of pints and a quick bite, F’Amilia for a more refined (but fun!) dining experience.

Cabbagetown needs…
to keep on doing what the community is doing: engaging, encouraging, evolving.

Favourite block…
Salisbury Ave. We hum strains of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ every time my wife and I walk along it.

Best public space…
Riverdale Farm.

Favourite store…
Spruce. Kim always has such an interesting selection of unique items available along with seasonal favourites.

Cabbagetown pet peeve…
cyclists who don’t follow the rules of the road!

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…
the Chapel in the Necropolis.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA)…
A great way to get involved in our distinct and vibrant community.

Evelyn Sommers
This month, we have Cabbagetown Residents Association Board Director Evelyn Sommers providing her views on the neighbourhood.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…
Merry Berry has very tasty well-prepared food and a lovely cafe atmosphere. 420 Smokehouse is good for family suppers.

Cabbagetown needs…
a really good greengrocer, a boulangerie and a chocolatier (with homemade ice cream).

Favourite block…
My favourite block is the one I live on, Sumach between Winchester and Amelia. As well as the chestnut tree canopy and friendly neighbours, there’s a wealth of Toronto history across the street in the Necropolis with its fascinating stories of early pioneers, soldiers, immigrants, and city movers and shakers not to mention just regular folks.

Best public space…
The best public space is Riverdale Farm. If I need a place of calm I can cross the street and mingle with the farm animals. It’s especially wonderful in spring with gorgeous flowers in full bloom, spring lambs and kids, piglets and just-hatched chicks. Where else can we witness a ewe going into labour in an urban space? It’s a place of all seasons, full of life. And my grandsons love the freshly baked cookies from the kitchen.

Favourite store…
My favourite store isn’t a store, it’s Claudia Salzman’s massage therapy studio where I go to feel pampered and get the knots out. As well, Shoppers’ Drug Mart has pharmacists and pharmacy staff who are tremendously helpful.

Cabbagetown pet peeve…
Thankfully, no place including C’town is perfect. How dull that would be. But I don’t have any pet peeves, I’m just happy to be here.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…
The coach houses that are sprinkled through the neighbourhood.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association
The best reason to join the CRA is to add another dimension of belonging in your neighbourhood.

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