Throwback Thursday: The Toronto School of Medicine

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Toronto School of Medicine

This week’s look at the past is of the Toronto School of Medicine as it appeared in 1885. The school was located at the south west corner of Gerrard Street East and Sackville Street (there is now a TTC bus shelter located just about where the gentlemen in the picture are standing).

We have written in the past about the Toronto General Hospital which was kitty-corner to this building at the time of this photograph. It seems the Toronto School of Medicine had quite a tumultuous history with key figures being linked to the Upper Canada Rebellion, accusations of financial mismanagement and political machinations… as well as some respectable medical training.

Read the entertaining and informative story in this excellent article from
Historicist: The Toronto School of Medicine (

Image of building with a group of men standing in front.

Photo: Toronto Public Library (

5 replies on “Throwback Thursday: The Toronto School of Medicine”

I do enjoy these sections.

Here’s a headstart for 2017: the City of Toronto archive has several Cabbagetown street corner photos on file. Included are several cases of corner-shops which have been turned into private residences:

Thanks very much! I enjoy putting them together.

I appreciate you sending along some ideas – I clicked on the link earlier with my phone and I saw that there were some pictures that looked fantastic, but when I visit the URLs now, there is a message “Action: Session ID invalid”. I’ve noticed with the Toronto Archives site that there is no simple way to share links to content – I think that once you closed your browser window, it becomes unavailable to anyone else.

What were the search terms that you used, and I’ll try to find the pictures directly.

Thanks again!

OK – here goes:

1) Go to:

2) check “Scanned photos only”, and search “amelia”

3) Click “Item 1 – Corner of Metcalfe St. and Amelia St., looking south-west – 1972”

4) Then, on the right panel, click “File 28; Metcalfe Street, Sackville Street, and Dermott Place corners, from Amelia Street to Dundas Street”

Enjoy a subset of 36 Cabbagetown photos!

Alternately, search “Spruce”, then “Item 5 – Corner of Sumach St. and Spruce St., looking north-west – 1972”, then File 36; Sumach Street, River St Street, and the Don Valley Parkway corners, from Gildersleeve Place to the Don Valley Parkway.

There is more available if you get “lucky” by hitting subsets in this way.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for detailing how to get to these. I’ve tried searching on some of the street names in the past, but I don’t recall seeing these kinds of pictures. These pictures are copyrighted by the city (vs. the public domain ones I’ve published in the past), so I’ll see if they will give us permission to post them in our Throwback Thursday features – there are some real gems here. Thanks again!

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