Throwback Thursday: Sword Street Lofts

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Sword Street Lofts

The Sword Street Lofts at 10 Sword Street have an interesting history as we learned from this article ( The article displays photos of interiors, a picture of ballerina Veronica Tennant at Sword Street Press and it also provides details on the building’s past.

It seems that the semi-detached homes that were located there since the 1800s were torn down to make way for the current building which was completed in the 1940s. Used for various purposes over the years: military, aeronautics, elevators, the Sword Street Press and a number of other companies. According to the article, it was listed for sale at $1.5 million in 1989 and $700k in 1991. Units rarely come up for sale with only 2 on the market this decade.

Sword Street Lofts – 10 Sword Street (

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