Throwback Thursday: The Swiss Cottage

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Swiss Cottage

We have written in the past (ahem), about some of the many medical facilities that used to be located in olde Cabbagetown, including the Toronto General Hospital and the Toronto School of Medicine.

Across the Don River, north of the Don jail in what is now Riverdale Park East, the “House of Refuge” transformed in 1872 into the “Isolation Hospital” (to keep patients with conditions such as small pox separate from each other). A few other buildings were built for different purposes including the “Swiss Cottage” built in 1901, ceased operations in the 1920s and was destroyed in a fire in 1930. The photographs courtesy of the Toronto Archives are from 1907 and 1909.

Image of the Swiss Cottage

Riverdale Isolation Hospital

Read more about the Swiss Cottage at Urban Toronto (

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