Throwback Thursday: When Lawren Harris Sketched Cabbagetown

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: When Lawren Harris Sketched Cabbagetown

This week’s picture from the past is a sketch portraying 121 and 119 Winchester Street in Cabbagetown. The artist was Lawren Harris, noted Canadian artist and member of the Group of Seven. The sketch from the early part of the century, was spotted by eagle-eyed CRA board member Kelley Teahen at the Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris exhibit currently showing at the AGO. Here is Kelley’s description of the sketch and a photo of the houses as they appear today.
winchester street sketch of 119 and 121 Winchest Street
While the main part of the exhibition features Lawren Harris’s iconic paintings of northern Canada, the AGO’s installation offers an expanded experience, curated by Andrew Hunter, the Fredrik S. Eaton Curator of Canadian Art at the AGO. It opens with a selection of Harris’ early paintings from the 1910s, many of which depict the complex and culturally diverse Ward neighbourhood in Toronto, where the artist spent his formative years. That part of the exhibition includes several sketches as well as completed works. This sketch labelled 121 Winchester Street is in a display case; note that he drew the details of the windows on the west side but left just an outline for the windows on the east side.

121 and 119 Winchester Street as they appear today:
Photo of 121 and 119 Winchester Street in 2016

Link to the Idea of North exhibition website:

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