Throwback Thursday: Sheet Metal Products

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Sheet Metal Products

For much of Cabbagetown’s history, industries such as tanning, brewing and manufacturing were common in the area. One of the larger businesses and employer of many locals was Sheet Metal Products located at River Street and Gerrard Street East as pictured here in 1921. Many products were manufactured here, including helmets for the military, fry pans, cups and assorted metal items of the day.

It was known as the Dominion Tin and Stamping Works prior to 1885, Kemp Manufacturing (1888), Sheet Metal Products (1911) and finally after a merger as General Steel Wares (1927). The building was demolished in the 1960s.

Image of brick building with two cars in front - Sheet Metal Products Plant.

Photo courtesy of City of Toronto Archives (

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My grandfather retired from GSW in the late 40s I still have his retirement Watch and yes it still works and the inscription is still legable .
Thanks DavidMullins

I am looking to contact anyone with any information regarding the production of steel helmets for the Canadian Government 1940 -1943 by GSW. I am interested in speaking with anyone who may have had a relative, or family photos of the plant during the war years. I am working on a book on same.

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