Survey on laneway cycling – please participate!

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Survey on laneway cycling – please participate!

The Laneway Project, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Community Bicycle Network are working together to explore opportunities for using laneways to fill gaps in Toronto’s cycling network.

The project will identify challenges and possible solutions that can be implemented in the short and medium terms, while more significant infrastructure investment is being undertaken as part of the City’s Cycling Network Ten Year Plan. Please refer to the Project Backgrounder for an overview of Toronto’s cycling and laneway networks today, current cycling trends and stats, and some observed challenges and opportunities.

As part of this initiative, they have prepared a short survey to gain input from Torontonians living and working around the city’s laneway network, both cyclists and non-cyclists, regarding the challenges and opportunities that exist for using Toronto’s laneways as cycle routes.

Cabbagetown is filled with laneways and it’s important that our voices be heard in this initiative, so please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

1 reply on “Survey on laneway cycling – please participate!”

It’s neat that a group has chosen to look at laneways, but I can’t see how they could really serve as bike lane alternates. Lanes have blind corners; cross major streets; and routinely have cars, trucks, potholes, and speed bumps.

I can see how laneways can serve as short connections though

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