Spotlight On Sponsorship: Thorious

Forsythia Festival Spotlight On Sponsorship

Spotlight On Sponsorship: Thorious

Thorious Founders
Now that the kids are settled into a school routine and homework has started to trickle in we are thrilled to feature Thorious in the October Spotlight on Sponsorship. A fairly new business to Parliament Street, Thorious is the place to be when it comes to getting a solid back-to-school start and has generously supported the 2016 Forsythia Festival.

Thorious is almost two years old, and has been at their current location at Parliament and Spruce Streets since February 2015. Co-Founder Wassim El-Geries the explains what the drive behind Thorious is about: “I am really passionate about education, specifically STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). I love the way these fields are changing our world, and I want to teach kids the skills necessary to contribute to that kind of world.

Our two main offerings are math tutoring and workshops/camps. Our math tutoring really stands apart – I am an experienced certified teacher and I integrate a lot of technology in my teaching. The end result is a unique curriculum for each child and unique objectives to fill knowledge holds and turn weaknesses around. I assign digital homework that is a especially motivating for kids in grade 1-8. We also focus a lot on traits that lead to success, like resilience and strategy development.”

This past summer Thorious ran their first set of summer camps. They were a great hit and Wassim is really looking forward to amping it up for March break camp (Minecraft coding anyone?). “A similar experience is offered during the week and on Saturdays. The Lego coding workshops are especially popular – kids complete increasingly complex missions using motors, sensors, coding skills, and a whole lot of creativity. It’s fun and learning at the same time!”

“I really feel like I’m part of the Cabbagetown community” says Wassim. “It was great to let people know about our services at our Cabbagetown festival booth this year, but it was especially fun catching up with the hundreds of people we’ve gotten to know over the years. It feels great to know that we are contributing to the children of our community through our programs, donations, and subsidy program, and we look forward to more opportunities to do so.”

Interested in getting in touch with Thorious? Well, they’ve got a great year lined up and they can’t wait to get started! Thorious can be reached at Also, by joining their newsletter at you can be the first to know about their newest programs, promotions, and the occasional educational tip. Or…stop by in person at 438 Parliament St. and see what they’re all about!

When asked about one aspect of the Forsythia Festival he enjoyed being a part of in 2016, Wassim had this to say: “The thing I loved the most was the enthusiasm of all the volunteers. Everyone was so friendly; a brand-new acquaintance even invited my wife and over to hang out afterwards. That’s such great warmth and friendliness! (Oh, and the bbq was on point!).”

When it came to what inspired Wassim to donate and support the Forsythia Festival on behalf of Thorious he had this to say: “I’ll be honest – donating and supporting events like the Forsythia Festival is pretty advantageous to Thorious. If we grow at all, it’ll be because we convinced a community that we’re doing something worthwhile and effective in education. We get to support our community and we get the word out at the same time – that’s pretty great. We’re looking forward to this year’s festival!”

Thorious has been a great addition to Cabbagetown. Investing time, strategy, education and most importantly passion for learning towards what matters the most: our children. Thanks to Wassim and his team at Thorious for supporting the Forsythia Festival!

Thorious Logo

438 Parliament St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 3A2

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