Spotlight On Sponsorship – Michael O’Brien of Bosley Real Estate

Forsythia Festival Spotlight On Sponsorship

Spotlight On Sponsorship – Michael O’Brien of Bosley Real Estate

Picture of Michael O'BrienOne of the truly wonderful things about the Forsythia Festival is the local involvement of residents and businesses alike. This year, we were thrilled to garner Gold level support from Spruce Street resident and realtor, Michael O’Brien.

Michael has been living in Cabbagetown for over 35 years, first on Ontario Street and now on Spruce Street. That qualifies him as a long term resident in our view!

Michael is a sales representative with Bosley Real Estate and of all his listings he enjoys working with homes the most, especially because the homes in this neighbourhood are so interesting!

He loves the walkability of Cabbagetown and told us about his travels throughout the area including to some of his favourite shops like Spruce Home Decor. He also loves that we have about a dozen restaurant choices ‘at our fingertips’ as well as a fabulous bakery and butcher.

You can find Michael online at We so appreciate having Michael join our sponsorship group at the Gold level for the 2015 Forsythia Festival.

Michael O'Brien

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