Spotlight On Sponsorship – Michael Hepburn

Forsythia Festival Spotlight On Sponsorship

Spotlight On Sponsorship – Michael Hepburn

Did you know that Michael Hepburn has been supporting community initiatives in Cabbagetown for 17 years? Most notably, he has been a Gold sponsor of the Forsythia Festival for the last three years and he generously donated the butterfly garden at Riverdale Farm. His financial contributions to our neighbourhood go a long way to sustaining Cabbagetown’s attractions and events year over year.
Image of completed project
Michael is the third-generation owner of Hepburn Landscaping and like his father before him, feels that it’s important to be part of the community in which he works. He has specialized in landscaping Cabbagetown properties for 19 years and approximately 80% of his projects are located within our neighbourhood. We are grateful to Michael for his continued support and commitment to Cabbagetown.

As the planting season begins, you will likely see Michael’s distinctive truck and lawn signs in the neighbourhood – so be sure to give him a wave of recognition when you see him.

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