Spotlight on Sponsorship: House on Parliament

Forsythia Festival Spotlight On Sponsorship

Spotlight on Sponsorship: House on Parliament

A staple in Cabbagetown, the House on Parliament has been in business for 20 years. Serving up fine fare, libation & diversion you are guaranteed to encounter eclectic banter, solid conversation and some of the best food in Toronto!

As a business owner, Tania, her husband Beau along with business partner Duncan have a lot to say about Cabbagetown. “We love the diversity, the community spirit, neighbourhood loyalty,” says Tania, “but most of all that it feels like an urban village.”

The House on Parliament (aka “The HOP”) has a tonne of great history behind it.
“We originally wanted to name the restaurant the “Houses of Parliament” after Westminster in the U.K.,” says Tania. “We had two street addresses at the old location (there are two Houses in England), and were British-inspired, so it seemed fitting. The city flatly rejected the name when we were registering it as they felt it would be confused with the actual Parliament buildings. ‘House’ became singular, ‘of’ became ‘on’ and people call routinely to book tours of the Parliament buildings or to lodge complaints against their local MPP.”

Tania, Beau and Duncan have always been great supporters of community events in the neighbourhood, including the Forsythia Festival: “We love the community involvement. It has been amazing to watch it grow from a tiny little event to what it has become today. Kudos to all the hard-working volunteers for pulling off such a joyful day.”

The Forsythia Festival is run completely by volunteers and it could not exist or grow without the support of businesses such as the House on Parliament. The HOP decided to become a Gold Member sponsor in 2016. “The neighbourhood has given us so much over the years that we happily give back,” says Tania. “It is even easier when it is an incredibly well organized free event for kids and families. Thrilled to be associated with the Forsythia Festival!”

Hungry? Thirsty? In need of some always interesting conversation? Be sure to stop in at the House on Parliament at 454 Parliament Street. Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., Monday to Friday; 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Facts: Duncan and Beau are not brothers. And HOP has the best sweet potato fries in the ’hood! 

The House On Parliament

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