Speed Limit Reductions Coming To Cabbagetown By June

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Speed Limit Reductions Coming To Cabbagetown By June

We’ve written over the past year that streets in the residential areas of Cabbagetown that are currently at 40 km/h, will have their speed limits reduced to 30 km/h.

According to the city’s Traffic Services department, the changes in Ward 28 (of which we are a part) will occur before the end of May 2016. All of Old Toronto/East York will be completed by the end of 2016.

Some of the streets in the neighbourhood that are currently signed at 40 km/h:
Geneva Ave., Bowman St., Metcalfe St., Dermott Place, Salisbury Ave., Nasmith Ave. and Gifford St.

Credit is due to Councillor McConnell who supported this generally well-received initiative.

Reduced Speed Limits Coming To Cabbagetown? (April 14 2015)
Residential Speed Limits Being Reduced From 40 To 30 km/h (June 22 2015)

speed reduction

May 2, 2016 Update: A sign of things to come! This sign being installed by city employees, has replaced the 40 km/h sign that was there previously – Nasmith Avenue at Smith Gemmell Lane.
30 km/h sign being installed

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