Shopping Locally For The Holidays

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Shopping Locally For The Holidays

You might have already done a lot of your gift shopping for the season (this author prefers the adrenaline rush of starting to shop on the 23rd), but we hope that you considered or will consider visiting many of the excellent stores and artisans in the neighbourhood to see what they offer and supporting them. Buying local foods, Ontario-produced beverages and even Ontario-grown Poinsettia all help to support our neighbours and economy.

There are a number of Cabbagetown-themed items that you might consider buying for others (or put on your own wish list).

Here are a few that caught our eye this year:

Cabbagetown Chalkboards with Street Names (produced by a local resident with a portion of proceeds going to the Residents Association – Etsy)
Cabbagetown Chalk Boards

Cabbagetown Toques (look stylish, keep warm and show off your local cred – Spruce)

Cabbagetown Tea Towels (a tea towel with an illustration of your house style, and with your street name included…!? Now that’s unique and benefits the Cabbagetown Preservation Association – Kendall and Co.)

Cabbagetown People: Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity (a new book produced by the Cabbagetown Preservation Association on Cabbagetown between 1941 and 2011)

Toronto Street Car T-Shirts (nothing says Toronto like the Red Rocket – Labour Of Love)

Charlie Brown’s Tabletop Christmas Tree (the little tree that signalled the end of the aluminum tree popular in the late 50s and early 60s. Not quite Cabbagetown-specific, but brings a lot of memories to some – Home Hardware)

There are also cards from local artists, massages, classes, jewellery, household tools…there’s so much to choose from locally that we hope you’ll find something special.

As always, when looking for tips on shopping, dining and entertainment in Cabbagetown and nearby – visit Doug Fisher’s blog at: and join his email list.

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