September Quick Poll Question: Street Representatives


September Quick Poll Question: Street Representatives

We’re considering putting a call out for volunteers to become “Street Representatives”. We’d like to hear what kind of roles you think they could play on your street and whether you’d be interested in participating. Choose from the following options and add any others you can think of in the comment field. If you’d like to learn more about this and possibly volunteer yourself, please include your name and contact information in the comments.

Sept 2014 Street Reps Poll Results

2 replies on “September Quick Poll Question: Street Representatives”

Re: Laneway cleanup.
We as residents are required to clens up the snow on our sidewalks. I as a resident have taken it upon myself with the help, from time to time, of other residents on the street to keep our street clean. The street sweepers never clean this street and there are always cars parked on the one side of the street. So on a weekly bases (other then when covered in snow) we have for many years cleanup the dead end side street next to our homes of needles, condoms, leaves, cigarette butts, Tim Horton cups,and assorted other reminders that we live in a city.

I would be great if other resients took care of the streets backing on to their property, to clean up regularly and make for a better looking neighborhood. It is only a few dozen feet of space usually (By the way, the dead end street that is manually cleaned weekly by our neighbors is over 180 feet in length.

It should not really fall to volunteers to clean up what should be done by people who back onto the lanes. It is to their benefit that the environment is maintained.

Hi John.

Thanks very much for your feedback. I’m interested to know why the city doesn’t clean the particular street you refer to since I think that all residential streets are supposed to be be visited by the street sweeper at least every other week during the months without snow. I agree that residents can do a good job of keeping things clean (my street did its own spring-cleanup this year and the results were excellent!), but the taxes we pay are obviously meant to take care of some of these things. Calling the city’s 311 phone line is the first step if you haven’t already done so.

As for laneways that aren’t maintained by the city, then you have me in full agreement that residents who back on to them are responsible for keeping them clean. We helped to organise a community clean-up of Gordon Sinclair laneway this year and we now have a board member who is going to focus on helping residents with keeping laneways clean and safe. Stay tuned for more information on this topic. Thanks again for writing in.

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