Scam alert: door-to-door salespeople pretending to be from Enbridge

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Scam alert: door-to-door salespeople pretending to be from Enbridge

We have had multiple reports from the neighbourhood of people going door-to-door pretending to be from Enbridge, but they are not actual representatives. These people are well-dressed, present themselves very professionally and politely, but are persistent – returning even after they have been rebuffed. One clue that they are not from Enbridge is that they ask to see a copy of the resident’s latest bill – this should be a red flag since legitimate representatives working for a company would have your account information already – Enbridge confirms that they would never ask for this information (see update below).

There are obviously some legitimate reasons for people to solicit products and services at your door, but if you are unsure of who someone is – our best advice is to not answer the door or to tell them that you are simply not interested in whatever they are selling.

A recommended technique for shutting down an unwanted sales-pitch is to not give your reasons for not wanting a product or service, since the salesperson will likely be skilled at countering whatever objections you might raise. Some examples: “Don’t you want to save money?” – not interested. “Your neighbour signed up” – not interested. “If you’re busy now…I’ll come back later” – not interested. “Why aren’t you interested?” – not interested.

For more information on reporting a scam or fraud, visit Consumer Protection Ontario (

Enbridge saw our post and helpfully sent us a link to a page on their website that gives good information on what they do (and don’t do) when they come to your door (hint: they don’t come to sell you anything and they don’t ask to see your bill when visiting).

3 replies on “Scam alert: door-to-door salespeople pretending to be from Enbridge”

This is a weak artice based on the fact you call them scam artist. You’re just dumb cause they do offer good deals. If your fear is a salesperson theN thats embarrassing.

The people in question said they were from Enbridge, but they were not. They returned to the homes after being rebuffed. Legitimate sales people will identify their real employer and will be honest and ethical with potential clients. There’s nothing weak about that at all.

A consumer can pay for a furnace $90 a month $40 a month for a hot water tank and an AC $60 a month this amounts to $2,280 a year. Over a period of 10 years this is a whopping $22,800 for a furnace, hot water tank and AC if you get duped by these door to door sales people. If the consumer bought the furnace, hot water tank and an AC upfront for say on average $5500 and pay the yearly maintenance fee of $250 to cover having to replace any damages to the equipment, this amounts to ($5500 + $2500 = $8000) for the same 10 year period. The consumer will save themselves a whopping $14,800 for that ten year period. Yes Save $14,800!!! The door-to-door salespeople Scam Artists do not explain to you this difference in savings or even give you this option.

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