Safety and Security – Police contact information

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Safety and Security – Police contact information

Dear neighbours and friends;

In the past months, neighbours throughout Cabbagetown have witnessed disturbing activity, such drug deals and acts of prostitution, being conducted in laneways, the hillside along Riverdale Park West, parking areas and side streets. This spring and summer seems to be more problematic than past years. Many of these events go unreported to police.

In response to recent reports to police, Constable Lynn Robertson, the constable in charge of Crime Prevention at 51 Division suggests that neighbours call police whenever they see something suspicious and out of the regular. The only way that 51 Division can do any evidence-based surveillance and respond accordingly is if they do so against reports that help flag specific activities and hot spots.

Even though we may feel ‘there is not point – it’s over’ or ‘it will just happen again, what’s the use?’, we need to support the process by calling in to the non-urgent Toronto Police reporting number at 416-808-2222 [Call: 416-808-2222] (ask for Communications when the call is answered).

Constable Robertson also suggested that residents who feel that an increase police presence in the area is warranted, write a letter to her supervisor, Staff Sergeant Rudy Pasini outlining the summer’s trends (e.g., drug related activities, break ins, graffiti tagging, etc) and ask for increased surveillance.

For certain nothing will change if we don’t contribute to making the change. So, please, write the number down and use it. Share it with your neighbours.
Thank you.

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