Road Closures Affecting Cabbagetown


Road Closures Affecting Cabbagetown

City Website: Main Road Closures
In a great development to keep citizens aware of road closures of main roads, the City of Toronto announced a new website today where you can see where and when major closures are planned.
Road Closures Website
News Release

Gerrard St. East
Speaking of road closures…residents who drive along Gerrard St. E., east of Parliament St. will have noticed a marked increase in congestion recently. The City has closed off the intersection at Broadview Ave. and Queen St. E. and one of the impacts has been the re-routing of streetcars along Gerrard St. E.

According to the City’s news release, the re-routing is scheduled to finish by July 18th, but other sources have indicated July 25th.

July 17th Update: According to this tweet from Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher, the intersection should be opened up on July 19th!

River St.
The replacement water main work being done at River St. and Gerrard St. E. is still underway despite the city’s deadline of May, 2014. We’re not sure what has further delayed the work, but we’ll update you once we know.

UPDATE: According to this article (Toronto Star – subscription required after 10 page views per month), permanent road restoration will be completed by the end of August 2014.

Update July 21:
Some more detail on this delay from the city.

Subject: River St. Watermain Construction Update

Dear residents,

As I am sure you are aware, City contractors are still occupying lanes on River Street north of Gerrard St. and also south of Dundas St. at Mark St. as part of the Gerrard Watermain construction project.

Recently the City has decided to incorporate into the project more comprehensive road reconstruction north of Gerrard St. on River St. While this work will extend lane reductions at this location into the end of August, it also means that we can avoid returning to this location in the near future for this required work.

With revised scheduling of underground work, contractors anticipate the River St. at Mark St. location to be returned to normal by the end of November.

We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.

For more project information, visit:


Jason Diceman
Sr. Public Consultation Co-ordinator
Public Consultation Unit
City of Toronto

Phone: 416-338-2830

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