Reusable Takeout Containers In Cabbagetown. Yay!

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Reusable Takeout Containers In Cabbagetown. Yay!

Reusable takeout containers

Posted on October 7, 2020

If you order takeout locally, hate the packaging waste, and want to help the environment, an  exciting new pilot is coming to Cabbagetown. Suppli provides a reusable takeout container service that allows consumers to order food in reusable stainless steel containers, like the ones pictured here.

The service includes pick-up of used containers from your front porch, apartment front, or condo concierge, which Suppli then cleans and sanitizes through its accredited partner, Event Rental Group.

They’re starting out with a small cohort of food merchants as they run through an initial pilot. Here’s the latest list:four restaurant logosWhat’s the cost of all this? There is no cost to create an account, and Suppli has set rates at $0.99 per order as they build out the offering. 

The service goes live starting October 20th and will initially serve consumers living in postal codes beginning with M5A and M4X. They’re working hard to expand their line-up of container sizes to meet restaurants’ needs, and are keen to receive feedback from consumers that will inform updates and improvements to the service. 

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