Resolved: Noise From Regent Park Community Energy Centre


Resolved: Noise From Regent Park Community Energy Centre

Great news for lovers of peace and quiet in the neighbourhood!
TWR - Silencer
As previously reported, cranes were seen lifting equipment on to the roof of 252 Sackville Street in late June. The parts were assembled the week prior to Canada Day, and the silencers seem to be doing their job since even under high heat and humid conditions, the noise from the Energy Centre has been largely reduced. It is still audible outdoors when running at full speed, but the level blends into background noise such as traffic from the DVP. TCHC sent us this photo of part of the silencer on the roof.

This issue has been on our Top 5 Issues List for the past few years (it started during the summer of 2010). Our thanks to TCHC for resolving this issue.

For a complete history of this issue, visit:

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