Regent Park Community Energy Centre Update: Cranes Hoisting!


Regent Park Community Energy Centre Update: Cranes Hoisting!

Today’s sighting of a very tall crane in the neighbourhood will bring joy to those who have been longing for some peace during the summer months. The crane was being used to hoist parts of the silencers which will be installed on the Community Energy Centre cooling towers at 252 Sackville St. (the source of a long-term noise issue in the area).

TCHC let us know a few weeks ago that installation is now scheduled to take place in early July 2016 and they have been operating the Community Energy Centre at less than full capacity for much of this spring, which has resulted in a reduction in the noise level (appreciated by many in the community).

Update June 23: More parts were being lifted to the top of the building today, and the workers informed me that they will be back on June 24 for more.

Here are some photos and a video of the hoisting on June 20:

Crane Hoisting


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