Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise Update – May 8, 2015


Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise Update – May 8, 2015

The tulips are popping, the sun is shining, the memories of ice are fading to a long-ago nightmare…and that can only mean it’s time to enjoy the dulcet tones of the Regent Park Community Energy Centre for the 6th straight season (one of the “Top 5 Issues” in Cabbagetown).

It started a few weeks ago, but now that the temps are getting up there again, the volume is increasing. We inquired with TCH as to what the status was and this was the message we received today:

Thanks for checking in, and I’m happy to report that a request for proposals just closed last week for a company to install noise-reduction ‘silencers’ on the cooling tower. By the end of next week it looks as though we will have hired a firm to do the work. Once they’ve been hired, I’ll be in a better position to update you with respect to timelines and/or dates.

For more information on this topic, visit the website created specifically about this issue: and tweet using the hashtag #noiseinthehood

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