Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise – Update and Website


Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise – Update and Website

Those of you affected for the past 5 summers by the noise from the Regent Park Community Energy Centre will be interested to know that there has been an update from TCH on August 19th. They confirmed in an email that the solution needed to resolve this issue, is to install silencers on the cooling towers, and that Ameresco (a consultant working with them) is still investigating how to put these silencers on the roof and how to install them. Their report is expected to be completed by the end of August and then submitted to the Ministry of Energy which appears to be a requirement. The exact length of time necessary to get MOE approval, and to install the silencers is not known but they “hope” to have the silencers in place before the summer of 2015.

If you moved away to avoid the noise, and want to know whether it’s safe to return…there is a new website to keep you up to date on the issue:

If you have been affected by this noise, there is contact information on the website so that you can have your approximate address added to the map that is on the site.

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