Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise – July Installation


Regent Park Community Energy Centre Noise – July Installation

Our contacts at TCHC have been keeping us updated on the progress being made to install the silencers for the cooling towers at 252 Sackville St. (the source point for a long-term noise issue in the neighbourhood).

In May of this year, the expectation was that they would be installed by mid-June however they informed us on June 6 that a further delay of approximately two weeks is necessary to deal with some technical issues meaning installation is now expected to take place in early July. We had heard previously that the silencers were ready, but needed to be galvanised to prevent corrosion so this might be related to that.

The team at TCHC have been operating the Community Energy Centre at less than full capacity this spring, until the silencers are installed which has resulted in a reduction in the noise level (appreciated by many in the community).

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