‘Recycle Right’ pilot hits the streets of Cabbagetown

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‘Recycle Right’ pilot hits the streets of Cabbagetown

A feature in the Globe and Mail, Blue Bin Battle: How Toronto is fighting to keep your recycling garbage-free, follows a Toronto pilot to re-educate Torontonians about what is and is not recyclable.

“Dubbed ‘Recycle Right’ the six-month pilot has summer staff hitting the streets hours ahead of collection trucks to inspect – and tag with yellow warning tickets – blue recycling bins that appear to be sorted improperly.” And heads up, Cabbagetowners: they are targeting our neighbourhood. The reporter in this story recently followed an inspection crew around Sword Street.

The story is also a good primer about what should, and should not, go in your blue bin. Two of the biggest mistakes: takeaway coffee cups (the wax lining makes them garbage) and black plastics, including bags and plant pots / trays .

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