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Raccoons Survey

The arrival of Spring is a time of great rejoicing for some, and dread for others. One of the animals we share the neighbourhood with, for better or worse, are raccoons!

This article (Toronto Star – subscription required after 10 page views per month) points out that there is not a lot of data about raccoons, and as a result, invites residents to take part in a survey created by a York University researcher and professor. The purpose of the survey is to learn what areas of the city are most affected by raccoon populations and what kind of factors (such as outdoor pets) lead to more encounters. The intention is that the survey data will be shared with the city so that officials can determine if there is a problem and if there is one, to address the problem rationally.

‘No data’ supports notion that Toronto has raccoon problem – Toronto Star
Tell us what you think about raccoons in Toronto! – SurveyMonkey

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