Quick Poll: New Green Compost Bins

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Quick Poll: New Green Compost Bins

Poll Results: Poll was open from September 26 – October 18, 2016. Results posted October 20.

What do you think of the new green compost bins expected in Cabbagetown by 2017?

60 Responses

1. They’re fine. More volume, easier to automate pickup (avoiding inuries) and only slightly larger footprint is ok with me. 16 votes (26.7%)

2. Ugh – no. I’ve hardly got space at my narrow home for the current Grey, Blue and smaller green bins. At least let me keep the small green compost bin. 14 votes (23.3%)

3. Give me the option to keep my small/old green bin rather than the new one. 22 votes (36.7%)

4. Other 8 votes (13.3%)

8 people voted “Other” and 5 provided the following comments:

– It’s not a larger footprint to be able to compost more, rather than sometimes having to throw food waste into the garbage. Don’t be ridiculous.
– Option to keep either is preferred. With regard to size – will this pose weight difficulty for garbage men? Compost can get very heavy.
– I have to carry my bin through my house. It weighs a lot when full. A larger bin will be impossible to handlr
– give choice of either so households can choose either way
– if the raccoon resistant latch really works, yes

Our Comments:
Option 1 and Option 2 are opposites of each other and fairly close, but option 3 (give residents the choice) is the winner with 36.7%.

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September 26, 2016
The City of Toronto announced in April 2015 that it would be replacing the current green (compost) bins. As of September 2016, Scarborough has had their bins replaced, Etobicoke is converting now and Cabbagetown is scheduled along with other downtown neighbourhoods for some time in 2017. Some might not consider this a burning issue, but given the small spaces for storage we have downtown, some row-houses lacking backyard access and heritage concerns (that green bin might not be a “heritage” green…) some residents consider it a bit more of an issue here than you might think.

We’d like your input. However, a caution here that there might not be much that can be done either way given that there are likely already agreements in place between the City, the bin manufacturer, waste pick-up workers and their unions, the automated bin pick-up machinery installers etc.

Here are the seeming pros and cons as we see them:

– increased volume from 46.5 to 97 litres
– new bins will allow automated and semi-automated collection (one operator instead of two, anticipated decrease in workplace injuries)
– new animal-resistant latch

– increased volume from 46.5 to 97 litres – larger size bin (Current Bin in cm.: 68 x 39 x 45, New Bin in cm.: 97 x 48 x 61)

New Green Bin Size (toronto.ca)
Green Bins – includes picture showing comparison of old and new bins (toronto.ca)

What do you think?

8 replies on “Quick Poll: New Green Compost Bins”

These things are gigantic! We have 2 babies and loads of household green waste (food etc) and have not filled our existing one up yet. Why are they sized for suburbs?

We currently use two small green bins as we have two small children (diapers) and lots of organic material. The key thing is that the bins be (truly) raccoon- resistant. Another issue – out garbage man suggested we use two bins instead of one because of the weight — will the larger compost bins pose any weight issues for the workers? Compost can be much heavier than garbage or recycling.

I’ve heard varied viewpoints from residents on this, but a common theme is that when diapers are part of the mix – the volume and weight do go up a lot. The good news about the new bins is that the bins have wheels, and the actual lifting will be automated which is intended to reduce the number of workplace injuries much as the automation of picking up garbage and recycling was intended to. Waste pick-up is generally considered among the top 10 most dangerous professions. A side-benefit is that there will be only one operator needed also so there is some cost-savings expected (although that one operator is going to be running back and forth from the bins to the truck a lot to move it down the road!). The new bins are designed to be more animal-resistant than the previous ones also, but only time will tell if our raccoons will further evolve and figure these ones out also (they are a smart bunch).

I have a wooden box at the front of my Cabbagetown house, that was built specifically to house the current green bin. It will be useless if I have to get a larger bin. Besides, I only generate one small plastic bag full of organic waste a week and it would seem silly to have a giant bin for my tiny bag.

I’ve seen a few of these custom-built containers in the neighbourhood and wondered whether they will accommodate a change in bin-size. Some residents indicate they are happy with more storage, but my neighbours and I typically put our compost in one bin (with room to spare!) and put it out. I wonder if sharing green bins might be an answer for some residents.

The new organics bin is waaaaay too large. I don’t have room for it in my garbage bunker.

Since the City won’t provide a smaller one, I am done with organic waste composting – the new bin is stored in my basement and the organics now go in the garbage.

Not happy abou it, but no other solution.

Actually, there are 2 more solutions in the article posted today on the CRA website.

One additional alternative is to use plastic bags.

The other new alternative is to ask for a combo green bin / recycling bin.

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