Attention re: Riverdale Farm


Attention re: Riverdale Farm

As you have likely heard, the closure of Riverdale Farm has been identified by KPMG (an independent consulting firm for the City of Toronto) as a potential cost saving measure. The council is soliciting feedback from the public in a meeting on July 21st. The DVCRA will be making a formal deposition at that meeting against any closure of the farm.

If you would like to have your voice heard, here are some options:

1) You can email the committee directly ( and your submission then is part of the official record.
2) You can go down to City Hall to make a personal submission on Thursday, July 21st but you have to register your deputation by phoning 416-397-7796.
3) You can phone (416-392-7916) or email Councillor Pam McConnell ( She’s working to save the Farm and she needs your help.
4) Sign an online petition that will be presented by the Riverdale Park West Improvement Planning Committee at the City Council meeting on July 21st.
Go to:

If Riverdale Farm is important to you, please make your voice heard.

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