Parliament Street Survey


Parliament Street Survey

In collaboration with the Cabbagetown BIA, we conducted a survey to gather the opinions of Cabbagetown residents about Parliament Street (from Wellesley to Gerrard) and the adjacent areas of Carlton and Gerrard Streets. Information gathered in the survey will help the Cabbagetown BIA to promote local improvements and aid in dealing with city officials, planners and developers.

We had an overwhelming response from the people of Cabbagetown, and many unexpected requests from residents to submit completed surveys after the original closing date. As a result, the board decided to extend the deadline and accept replies until June 29, 2007. As of that date we had received 466 completed surveys from a total of 1030 delivered to residents’ homes in late April and beginning of May. The response to the survey was in excess of 45% – a phenomenal response by any standard!

The enthusiasm shown by the replies shows that residents love our area and have deep feelings about its future. The DVCRA Board and the BIA members thank everyone who took a few minutes to complete the survey and provide valuable advice. Special thanks to Doug Rowlands who initiated and is managing the project as well as to the volunteer members that helped distribute and collate all the surveys.

As soon as results are available, we’ll post a summary on this site.

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