Parking near an intersection

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Parking near an intersection

We have had local reports of increased enforcement of the rules around parking near an intersection. We had heard previously that sometimes enforcement is lessened in downtown neighbourhoods due to limited parking, but there are good reasons for not parking too close to an intersection. Emergency and other large vehicles (garbage trucks, street cleaners, moving trucks etc.) require additional turning space. Parking too close to an intersection also blocks sight lines for everyone including cyclists and pedestrians. Displaying a parking permit doesn’t factor into this issue.

If it’s been a while since you read your Ontario Driver’s Handbook, these are some parking rules that apply whether there is a sign indicating it or not:

– Do not park within 9 metres of an intersection (or within 15 metres if it is controlled by traffic lights)
– Do not park within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
– Do not park within 100 metres of a bridge
– Do not park within 6 metres of a public entrance to a hotel, theatre or public hall when it is open to the public

We have heard from Councillor McConnell’s office that if you think you were ticketed unfairly, you can contact the office and they might be able to help.

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It would seem that in a residental area that has a shortage of on street parking that leaving 9 meters (about space for 2 small cars, makes the situation in our community even worse.

Can not our consular address this and have bylaws implemented to reduce the 9M restriction to say not in the pedestrian crossing area.

Thanks for your comment. We have heard from residents on both sides of this issue with some thinking that special allowances should be made to accommodate more parking, and others who feel that the reasons for the laws are sound. One intersection we received a few comments about is Sumach Street and Wellesley Street East where cars are often parked on the south-west side, blocking sight-lines for vehicles turning west from Sumach. This week, I witnessed a garbage truck that couldn’t turn on to another street because someone had parked too close to the intersection (a few minutes passed until the car owner came and moved it). If there were to be any changes, I believe that it would require provincial approval since I don’t believe that a municipal by-law can be used to over-ride provincial laws on this kind of matter.

NO parking within 10 yards of ‘any’ intersection has been the law since I got my driving permit in 1954. Modern -day drivers who don’t know this, just have not taken the time to read the Drivers Handbook, it’s on line. It’s the law in all the provinces I’ve lived in; Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
No pity from here, pay the fine and read the handbook, there is probably a lot of rules you don’t know.

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