Off-leash Dogs In Parks: City Is Stepping Up Enforcement

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Off-leash Dogs In Parks: City Is Stepping Up Enforcement

A word of caution to dog lovers in the neighbourhood… this isn’t specific to Cabbagetown, however we have had one report of a Cabbagetowner recently being fined for having their dog off-leash at Wellesley Park.

In reaction to over 1000 complaints so far this year about dogs being off-leash in parks that are not designated as such, the city has announced that it will be increasing enforcement efforts this summer.

According to the city, the initial fine for violations is $360. There are going to be additional bylaw officers used for enforcement, and they plan on changing their monitoring hours to times when dogs and owners are more likely to be in the parks.

City cracking down on off-leash dogs in parks (

1 reply on “Off-leash Dogs In Parks: City Is Stepping Up Enforcement”

I cannot recall a person who has been injured or hurt severely by an off-leash dog in a park. I do know of several people, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and yes dog owners who have been hurt some severely by texting drivers. I also learned that the green garbage police are out to fine people who fail to abide by green garbage bin rules.

I guess human safety is less important than dog poop on a shoe or for that matter human health and life on our roads and sidewalks.

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