Notices : City Clerk’s Office


Notices : City Clerk’s Office

Dear CRA Members,

We receive numerous updates from the City Clerk’s Office regarding public meetings, zoning applications, and other city issues. The majority of the notices do not pertain to our area, however occasionally we do receive a notice about something that is happening in our neighbourhood.

Recently, we received two notices. The first is a request to amend the zoning by-law to construct a 3-storey building at 615 Parliament Street that will contain medical offices and a pharmacy. There is a public meeting on January 22nd about this issue. The second notice is about a review of Body Rub Parlour and Holistic Centre Regulations. The review is being conducted in response to the concerns raised by the public with respect to illegal body rub parlours operating under the guise of holistic centres.

Please see the attached PDF for information on the community meeting regarding 615 Parliament Street, and visit a survey related to the Body Rub Parlour.

We will post additional notices from the City Clerk’s Office on our website.

Kind regards,
Lindsay Whitfield
On behalf of the CRA

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