New restaurant coming: Lick’s

In local business news, Doug Fisher reported on his blog this week that Lick’s is coming to Parliament Street. Resident reader Sam Boult sent us this photo confirming that they are moving in to the location formerly occupied by Murgatroid.

licks signs in window

Update May 19, 2017:
Welcome to A&Z Gourmet Burgers

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8 Responses to New restaurant coming: Lick’s

  1. Bruce Walker says:

    I remember a time before Harvey’s took over, licks was actually quite good.

  2. Slappy White says:

    Many of us in Cabbagetown are anxiously awaiting the opening of Lick’s on Parliament!

  3. Cabbagetown Resident says:

    Fast-food meat is scary.

    Parliament Street has enough fast-food ‘restaurants’.

    Support the House on Parliament, F’Amelia, The Peartree, Mayberry Cafe, Stout Irish Pub.

  4. Anonymous says:

    1) I am not sure it is Licks in fact – the space has a different sign now, though it’s still burger-related
    2) Is Licks really fast food in the style of McDonalds, etc? By that token, are the myriad Toronto burger chains fast food (Burgers Priest, GBK, etc)?
    3) Great to see another new spot in the neighbourhood!

    • The Cabbagetowner says:

      Interesting! After your comment, I made a trip up and saw that we should now be expecting “A & Z Gourmet Burger”. I guess Lick’s is not opening any longer.

      Licks wasn’t in the “gourmet” burger category as far as I could tell – I went for the Veggie Burger, the “Sky High” (french fries) and the “routine” (veggie poutine) – it was more of a 50s diner style but with lots of personality. They are/were a small chain that ran into difficulties a few years ago so I was surprised they were opening a new location (see their Wikipedia article).

      You can’t say we don’t have choices in the neighbourhood!

  5. The Cabbagetowner says:

    The gravy thickens! Despite the sign on Parliament Street indicating that “A&Z Gourmet Burger” is coming, we received a photo from our friend Sam of the back of the building showing a van with the Lick’s logo and signs of renovations. Only time will tell…

    March 16
    Sign showing A & Z Burger

    March 26
    Image of a van with Lick's sign

  6. N.moinuddin says:

    I was try a&z gourmet burgers today.i bought their 8oz burger combo with poutin.its realy good.service and inside restaurant looks is very nice.they have family deal two.i will definitely come back with my famely.price is very reasonable and fare.keep it up.we definitely need restaurant like this at cabbagetown.

  7. Jay says:

    The food has been really great since they opened, They have great service & employees. I really recommended this restaurant 🙂

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