New police reporting option for non-emergencies

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New police reporting option for non-emergencies

Are you experiencing/witnessing an ongoing, non-emergency such as trespassing or other nuisance issues? Toronto Police Services Divisions 51 (that’s us in Cabbagetown) and 55 have set up an easy online reporting form.

Choose “Division 51” on the online form and try to provide as much detail as you can (descriptions, clothing, make, model, colour, etc.) and include your full contact information so that an officer can follow up with you if they have questions.

By using this form, says Staff Sergeant Brian Maslowski, “you are helping Toronto Police Services in 51 Division better understand our community and our needs. Keep in mind that TPS resources are allocated according to calls, so the more you call or submit complaints, the more officers will be allocated to your area!”

Police Division 51 online reporting form

As well, in a recent with local Business Improvement Area leads, including the Cabbagetown BIA, Maslowski said the division will be taking a “less in the cars, more on the street” approach with our local officers who are out on patrol and not responding to emergencies. Crew Officers will be spending less time in their cars and more time walking, biking or travelling by TTC.

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